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Suzanne Rogers "I Still Can’t Believe I’m Working So Much!"


Days of Our Lives'Suzanne Rogers talks with the Suds Report about her return to the supporting front burner.


Who was the most surprised that Suzanne Rogers has returned to the supporting front burner? The Emmy winner herself! She tells Suds, “I still can’t believe I’m working so much! Gary Tomlin has really turned around the show. When I first came on DAYS, we weren’t making a lot of money, but we had great story, and I have to say that is the feeling right now.” So will Rogers put herself up for Supporting consideration for next year’s Emmys? “I don’t know,” muses the Salem matriarch. “I have some good material, I think. However, I’m the kind of person that thinks once you’ve won it’s time to allow someone else to win, you know?” But listen if the producers put me up, I’ll be honoured. If they don’t, I will not submit my name.” Spoken like a true team player. As for why she still resonates with viewers after all these years, Rogers maintains, “She’s a sassier version of Alice Horton! She can give the kids the hard truth!” When Suds mentioned that Rogers has single-handedly made Molly Burnett a better actor, she couldn’t disagree with us! “I think so, too! We have some wonderful scenes together. Maggie is the voice of reason!”

For more details check out the Suds Report.

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