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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Giant kudos to Kirsten Storms. The girl was absolutely brilliant today and had me in tears before the halfway point of the show.

I loved the interaction between Maxie, Robin and Lulu.

I loved Maxie’s comments about her mother and while I understand why she didn’t tell her mother, I would love to have seen Felicia there. (Also, where was Bobbie?)

I loved the “something old, something borrowed” section. Robin’s handkerchief from her grandmother. Lulu’s bag from Coco Chanel. Loved Maxie and Lulu hugging and declaring that they are true friends.

I loved the Maxie/Robin limo scene where she talks about Georgie and I was sad that Georgie wasn’t there.

I loved Patrick giving Mac a verbal smack in the pants, and Mac’s subsequent acceptance.

I loved Robin’s exuberance through the whole thing and her hug to Damian.

I loved the white flowers and the fact that their initials were up there.

I loved the look on both Maxie and Damian’s faces as they saw each other at the end of the aisle.

I loved that the entire show was just the wedding with no strange mob distractions.

I loved Maxie’s nightmare at the beginning and I laughed out loud when Mac came in, drooling and muttering to himself.

Wasn’t a fan of that thing that attacked Maxie’s head, although her dress was beautiful.

I felt the priest should have called her by her real name, since he used Damian’s name. It should have been “Mariah Maximilliana” and not Maxie.

I loved Damian’s vows and I started crying when he declared that he couldn’t marry her, because even though I knew he’d be the one to stop the wedding based on what he overheard, I think by the time Maxie got to the altar, she was ready and willing to go through with it.