Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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Eric: He makes a big choice to save Forrester Creations.


Brooke: She's on the warpath after finding out what Bill acquired, prompting her to take steps to save Forrester.

Her family tries to warn her about agreeing with Bill when he decides to steal FC. She tries to convince them he's doing something positive. Things go from bad to worse when Ridge thinks Katie sold the company out, leading him to fire her.

Later, she finds some information on Bill's past prompting her to recall what her family told her about her beau. Katie has some serious thinking to do when she gets all this information.

She is stuck in denial when she gets info on her health. Steffy decides to rat her out to Taylor, making Stephanie feel her trust was violated.

She tells Mr. Knight about his wife's threats to stay away from him. It doesn't stop them from hanging out though and Steffy decides to drag him off on the Shady Marlin. Owen gets a bit of a scare when she has an accident on the boat.