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BREAKING NEWS: Eric Braeden Written OUT of The Young and the Restless!!!

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is reporting  that Eric Braeden has been written out of the The Young and the Restless, also confirming Daytime Confidential's reports that the actor has in fact been embroiled in tense contract negotiations!


A few weeks ago, we jumped the gun by assuming the casting call for "Tucker" was a Victor recast, however, given the casting calls that went out when Jess Walton was going through her negotiations, and the fact that we'd been hearing strong rumblings that Braeden was being asked to take a pay cut at the end of his cycle— not at the end of his full contract in 2010— we couldn't help but wonder if Tucker was a new Newman. Y&R later clarified the character is an entirely new one.  For more on this shocking development click here.

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