Brianne Moncrief OUT at All My Children?

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Every time a hair model is fired, a blogger gets his wings. The All My Children casting bloodbath continues. Brianne Moncrief,who portrays youngest Chandler heiress Colby, has been given her walking papers, according to setside sources.

"The All My Children actors are pretty pissed off at [Brian] Frons. All that talk about everyone on contract being offered a relocation deal was total b.s.," says a source. "They are using this move as a way to clean house!"

Ain't that a caution? Now just who are the gang from the Pine Valley Podcast gonna make fun of now? Oh wait, Denise Vasi is still employed. Here's hoping Fronsie has the horse sense to snag Guiding Light cutie Marcy Rylan as Colby. Rylan was BORN to play Kelly Ripa's baby sister! 

Photo by PR Photos