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DC #460: ABC Kane vs. Cramer

On today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential Luke and Jamey are joined by David to discuss the latest happenings in Llanview.


Gina Tognoni joins One Life to Live.Has John Brotherton been let go? Should OLTL reunite John and Natalie? If they do would it help ratings to bring back Evangeline to reignite one of the show's most debated triangles? Todd and Tea's wedding. From Jack's speech to Blair's plan to interrupt the ceremony. Dorian goes lesbian to win the election. Is this Dorian being Dorian? Is it offensive or is it an opportunity for a soap to weigh in on a social issue? Before David leaves he shares a juicy tidbit about Kelly Ripa possibily appearing in Pine Valley before AMC moves to L.A..

Afterwards, Luke and Jamey discuss the latest in All My Children and General Hospital storylines and news, including:

Aiden Turner is out at All My Children. Is Beth Ehlers leaving AMC? Jamey talks about the latest he's heard. Why are AMC's vets like Debbi Morgan, Darnell Williams and Michael E. Knight props to Denise Vasi and Stephanie Gatschet? Jamey thinks Morgan should go to The Young and the Restless and be paired with Kristoff St. John. Might things at AMC improve if Susan Lucci spoke out? Which family of strong women, the Kanes or Cramers is the better family?

Luke loves pretty much everything leading up to the Spixie wedding including Olivia and Johnny, Lulu and Dante, Mac and Maxie's telling Jason to keep her from leaving Spinelli at the altar. General Hospital is improving dramatically so Luke and Jamey rank each of the seven soaps from best to worst.

All this and much more on today's ABC episode of Daytime Confidential.

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