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General Hospital: Perkie's observations



I was pleasantly surprised to see that we would get a second full day of wedding, without mob interruption. That is so rare on this show and, ironically, it happened for a couple who didn't actually get married.

I liked Spinelli's explanation and everyone's acceptance of the non-married couple. I laughed when Mac fell to the floor.

In fact, Mac made me laugh throughout the episode. I loved seeing drunk Mac flirting with uptight Alexis at Jake's and I hope that continues into a relationship for those two.

I loved that Alexis showed up for the reception and the giant hug she gave all three of her girls.

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I liked Kate showing up. It wouldn't have been right if they hadn't included her.

I think's it a bit premature for JOlivia to start with the "I love yous", but I guess we need some foreshadowing of the angst to come.

I loved flirty Scrubs and the fact that Matt showed up, finally. However, what little we saw of Bobbie at the wedding was not enough.

I loved Lulu's speech and Morgan's. Shame on Jason for not at least trying to say something nice.

I'm not a JaSam fan, but I will admit that they are building the tension between them quite effectively. The bit with the tie, in particular.

And last, but not least, I absolutely, freakin' adore Dante. Dominic Zamprogna has this ability to convey his thoughts and his emotions on his face so beautifully. From disgust at his mother and Johnny, to a slight fear when seeing Kate, to loneliness when Lulu finds him outside before he turns on the charm for her. This guy is a true find and brings out a spark in JMB's Lulu.