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One Life to Live Ain't Dead Yet!

As the rest of the world starts to catch up to what I have been reporting for months now, I want to take this time to tell people not to stop watching One Life to Live just because you think it's over. Yes, according to numerous sources, One Life to Live came thisclose to getting cancelled this year, and  yes, those same sources are saying the soap will be in danger again next year, and yes, ABC is reportedly developing talk show projects for their daytime lineup, including the Aisha Tyler project— as first hinted at by The Hollywood Reporter but  Dorian Lord hasn't pulled her last diva fit just yet!

We all know how the nonsoap press likes to jump on bandwagons, and the LAST thing this industry needs is The Huffington Post, Yahoo News, or AOL accepting One Life's fate as something set in stone, just because Perez is talking about it!  All this will do is HELP Brian Frons cancel the soap much easier!  A lot can happen in a year, hell a lot can happen in six months. Gloria Monty and Douglas Marland saved General Hospital in that amount of time, and my money is on Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati doing the same.

Whatever you do KEEP WATCHING ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!! If you've never watched, but you claim to love this genre and don't want to see it go the way of the Dodo Bird or Carnie Wilson's career, then tune in. Tell your friends and your family members who used to watch with with you, that they need to start watching again. Get them hooked. Talk about it at your jobs around the watercooler. Get out there on message boards, on Twitter and Tooter and all the rest! Start Facebook groups. SPREAD THE WORD! Get over your issues about this couple or that couple not being together, and put your soap opera fandom where your remote is. If a soap that many critics and fans alike feel is the best one we have still on the air can be cancelled, then this industry really is shot to hell. We can't lose One Life to Live without a fight.