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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



I was shocked to see us get a third(THIRD!!) day of Spixie wedding and frivolity. Although the fun was interrupted by the dreck (Claudia, Sonny), so I guess we know what's coming up.

I loved Molly and Morgan singing. Those two are so cute together, I was actually wishing they weren't cousins so that they can eventually hook up together....when they're older of course!!

I loved Mac and Patrick's singing and Mac's booty dancing. Since I'm not a fan of Coleman's, I wasn't happy when he jumped in, but what can you do.

Again, as non-Coleman fan, I'm not sure how I feel about Kate/Coleman. I think she should have been all over hottie Mac, but I could see how she would go for the "bad" boy.

It was interesting to see Kristina flirting with Ethan, but he should have been fighting her off a little better, considering her age. I loved Alexis getting between them when Ethan was singing.

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Spixie were oozing chemistry in these past few episodes, more than I've seen from them in months. I hope they keep it up.

I loved that the entire cast seemed to be enjoying themselves and a lot of stuff felt ad libbed and genuine rather than acted. I wonder if they were told to just go for it and behave like it was real.

Does Kate know what Dante does for a living? I get being surprised that he's there all grown up, but why try to call him out and possibly put his life in danger.

The Claudia/Anthony, Claudia/Sonny and Sonny/Mike scenes seemed out of place and random and looked like they could have been taped a month ago, then tossed into the episode.

The Ethan/Nik one seemed bizarre as well, especially with all the Luke/Helena talk, since we haven't seen or heard from either of them in months. When both Lulu and Ethan got calls, I realized we were done with the Spixie wedding story and onto the Luke story.

And finally, this thing about Jonathan Jackson's return has thrown me for a loop. I loved JJ's Lucky and L&L2 were and always have been end game for me. I feel like Greg Vaughan's Lucky was the adult, the grown up, the one that makes sense as a cop and co-parent to Cam and Jake. I'm not sure if I can picture JJ in that role. I guess I'm about to find out.