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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 09.30.09

Hi guys! Had a blast in Vegas, won some money and most importantly got to relax. Relax? In Vegas? I know crazy right? I never said I was a party animal. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.


Claudia, Claudia, Claudia… exiting and still creating some drama. She figures out that Dominic is Olivia’s son and threatens to tell all unless Olivia ends things with Johnny. How convenient for a possible Sonny-Olivia pairing once Claudia does exit stage left. Olivia does end things with her younger lover much to Johnny’s dismay. Claudia tries to get into Dante’s pants and tells him she knows who is mommy is. Will Lulu catch a glimpse of the seduction?

Speaking of men with a badge… Now that Jonathan Jackson is returning can anyone buy Lucky Spencer as a cop? Well peeps, that was the old Lucky and since Jackson left, the character has changed. Who wouldn’t love to see Domte and Lucky as PCPD’s newest cop duo? Luke and Sonny’s sons on the opposite side of the law from their dear old dads… could be interesting, IF they go that route.

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What about Lucky and Liz now that Frons can recapture the magic he loves so much? Will the four musketeers ride again? This Liason fan could handle the LL2 reunion a little better with JJ back in the saddle but I’m still not 100% behind the writing. What once was is not always great again. How about the brother vs. brother storyline for Elizabeth’s affections? Anyone remember when JJ’s Lucky and Nikolas did not get along? That was some great stuff. Let’s not forget that Helena fits in here somewhere and she has an old ax to grind with Elizabeth. Will the evil granny be making any threats when she tells Liz she’s fully aware of her relationship with Nikolas?

New Opening… How many times have we started a SPOILER section with that one? Take out your salt boulders just in case. The wonderful land of Twitter has given us some SCOOP on that one and it looks like some new opening sequences have been filmed. Only time will tell…

Greg Vaughan… I hate to say I told ya so, but I kinda did. We’ve been dishing for months now that Greg was in trouble and that was before I took my leave. I’m a fan of Greg’s so all that reporting was not fun for me and I wish him nothing but the best. He’s a favorite of my roomie’s and she is extremely sad that to see him go. More Tweets from Vaughan: I can't say how humbled I am by ALL the love and support that has been pooring out! I have been truly Blessed through out my career and will to continue to follow the path that GOD has been made for me! I only wish things had come to a better ending during my time at GH. These past hours, spending it with my 2 greatest gifts, and one more to follow give me all the reason to continue to strive in all things. My final thought is one that will forever reflect what I know I brought as an actor to GH, and something that I will reflect in all my work! Maurice said,"A Golden trophy won't define your work as Lucky, because you already made your permanent mark at GH as an ACTOR!"

CRAZY and RANDOM… The prince rides to the rescue. JaSam MAY have more love scenes and during football season no less. Does Scrubs need a little spice in their lives? Sam and Jason caught by Lucky. Does Lucky know Mischa?

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