General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Today's episode was like that Monday morning after your vacation and/or honeymoon, when you realize the fun is over and you've go to go back to work and your everyday life!

Lulu/Ethan: So, Lulu is going to leave her job for a couple of days to chase after Luke in Greece. We all know how small Greece is, in terms of finding someone. I was also annoyed that they didn't tell Lucky. I get that Luke wouldn't want "the police" to know, but I'm sure he'd want his son to know. It should have been a road trip with all three Spencer children.

Sonny/Kristina: There were some good scenes between them, although Kristina tends to come across as petulant. I understood her plea of not having another baby that won't feel wanted. Too bad Claudia wasn't there to overhear it.

Kate/Olivia: Kate knows what Dante does and still managed to out all the secrets in fell swoop. Even at the Metrocourt, she shouldn't have brought it out into the open. I liked when Dante came up to her and basically told her to keep it quiet. Too little, too late since Claudia already overheard it.

Michael/Carly: I like their relationship now. He still has his snarky moments, but they seem fewer and farther between when it comes to his mother. I was also glad to see him realize that some of his memories might be real. Let's hope he tells someone about that memory of Claudia.

Is Max still in the hospital and is Diane at his bedside?