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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 10.01.09


What a way to kick off October! James Franco as the newest PC resident, Sarah Brown leaves GH for B&B and Jonathan Jackson is returning as Lucky Spencer. My head hurts from spinning and my jaw hurts from hitting my desk too much this week. One thing every soap fan knows, anything can happen.

We’ve had plenty of reporting on James Franco but just in case will do a little recap. He’s set to tape for three days, spanned out over a couple weeks but his scenes will air over the course of two months. Reports have him being in a storyline with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) so one would ASSUME its mob related. Why is he doing this? Franco has been a student of acting, recently reported to be taking some classes at NYU and supposedly wanted to see what the world of soaps are like. It’s a totally different animal than that of the big screen and even primetime TV. Other reports have said he’s researching a role, however, that appears to be incorrect. Why GH? Again, reports have him sharing a manager with Burton so when looking into taking a short stint on a sudser, GH may have been the easy way to go. We can’t discredit the history that GH holds in the soap world. Since Franco reportedly contacted GH, I’m not sure who to give the kudos to but holy hell, GH is on top of the world, for now.

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Sarah Brown…B&B? Really? I know it’s a longer deal and she gets to work with Rick Hearst but I’m still trying to wrap my head around this one. Could the RUMBLES be true? Did Sarah see the problems with her character Claudia that the fans see? Problems that IMO are unfixable. The character of Claudia was sadly misdirected from day one. Blame it on the strike, blame it on Guza, regardless of the incredible acting done by Brown, Claudia was in a hole that just got deeper as the days went on.

We dished on Jonathan Jackson’s return as Lucky a little yesterday. The comments had some questions about the length Jackson agreed to stay in PC for. He is relocating his family from Washington State to L.A. when in the past he’s commuted for projects. Now, I know daytime is different but I would hope Greg Vaughan wasn’t let go for only a short return of Jackson. I would imagine he has at least a one year deal with your standard “outs” and cycles that most actors have.

Tons of questions about Max! Derk Cheetwood was back on set yesterday and tweeted that he was very happy with his upcoming story.

SCOOP… for you to chew on. RUMORS of a return have been circulating but is it really linked to Franco? There MAY be another return coming soon. You COULD be hearing Ian Devlin’s name again. It looks like Sam and Jason will be digging into the evil doctor some more. Michael’s memories are starting to haunt him but what is real and what is fiction? Michael better figure it out because someone COULD get hurt if he starts spilling the fiction. Claudia is leaving but will it be in a body bag? Some say yes, while others say she’s being shipped back to Italy. There is a RUMOR that Claudia MIGHT be in that body bag but she MAY not be dead. Helena is causing trouble and Elizabeth is a target. Does Granny have another threat for Nikolas? COULD we be losing more actors? Patrick at karaoke with another woman? His woman is playing detective. Sonny wants Dominic to pull out a hit on a disloyal employee. Olivia wants to spill the beans about Claudia to Jason. Will Jax agree? Michael goes after Kiefer, again.

Weigh In... What story would you like to see for Lucky? How should Claudia exit? Do you want to see Franco as a mobster? A Cassadine? A Quartermaine? Minus Brenda... Who do you want to return?