General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I love Molly! I love that she doesn’t hold her punches and just lets it out there. That girl is her father’s daughter! Ric would be so proud!


Molly to Sonny: “I need to interview a real criminal.”

The look on Sonny’s face made me laugh. Although I find it interesting that for years the show tried to downplay the fact that Sonny’s a criminal and now they’re broadcasting it to the rafters. 

I wasn’t happy that Alexis has to look like the bad guy because she dares to keep her daughter safe and away from Sonny’s violence. I liked that she went to Carly to try to have a united front and that Carly listened, even if she didn’t necessarily agree. I want to see a non-snarky Carly/Alexis friendship.

I like all the Kate lately. I just hope it isn’t for a short period of time, just to listen to Olivia moan, again and again about secrets, since Olivia can’t confide in her usual bff Carly.

I’m not sure I understood Claudia’s plan to get Olivia and Dante together other than to make them squirm. I think if she really wanted to be evil about this, she should have gone to Olivia, told her she knew the truth and blackmailed her away from Johnny with it. That’s what I would have done with a secret that big.

A day and a half of Luke/Helena, and I’m annoyed already. That doesn’t bode well. So, Helena kidnapped him, locked him up, got sick, thinks something dangerous is happening, releases him, but instead of telling him what’s up, just gives him partial words as clues, and then he gets smacked on the head again. Yeah, not looking forward to any of this.

I loved the Sam/Kristina scene. Sam playing the concerned sister, trying to get Kristina to see reason and Kristina being the snarky teen, not willing to listen. Well done from both girls.

Michael, Michael, Michael, did Jason teach you nothing about keeping your mouth shut? He should have been smarter than that and tried to trick Claudia rather than confront her like that. I don’t think this will end well for him.