General Hospital Spoilers!


Here’s the Scoop! 10.02.09


I dropped a few comments on things this AM. One being that Rachel Ames aka Audrey Webber is set to come out of retirement to help her granddaughter Elizabeth out of jam. Is the jam Helena created? Was that the big return? No, Audrey has been living off camera ever since Ames retired. It’s been RUMORED a few times that Audrey would be popping back into PC with some fans even campaigning for the character’s death. A little morbid IMO to campaign for a longtime character’s death but hey to each their own. An Audrey appearance, Jonathan Jackson’s return and an affair with her ex’s brother… looks like Elizabeth Webber is off the backburner. Thankfully she wasn’t there too long. I know, I know, my fan affiliation is showing but then again, I’ve never tried to hide it.

Everyone wants to know more about James Franco. Most questions/comments are followed with a WTF? Not surprised with that question at all. But as mentioned yesterday and in countless reports on the casting, Franco contacted GH. Soap stars plow through ridiculous amounts of dialogue a day and many a past soap star have gone on record that it is some of the hardest work they’ve ever done. An avid student of acting and film making (he’s currently working on his graduate degree at NYU); the land of soaps is a genre Franco may just want to experience. Kudos to James for being willing to tackle something that gets ridiculed.

I asked which BIG return you’d like to see… in the comments we got the usual suspects of course. Is it possible that one of those usual suspects is actually in talks to reprise their role? RUMOR has it Genie Francis is once again discussing a return with the alphabet network. COULD the Spencer clan get a much needed reunion? I know we had one not too long ago but IMO that reunion was lackluster.

Another gala? There is some CHATTER about a Halloween party on the Haunted Star. Gala/Party + General Hospital writers = some sort of drama or death.

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets… avid readers of my blogs know I’m not a fan of the never ending, never revealed secrets on GH. We have Domte (whoever came up with that nickname, thank you) and his paternity not to mention his profession to be revealed. There is still something hanging over Kate’s head. Claudia’s role in Michael’s shooting (thankfully I won’t have to type those five words for much longer). The secret that Jax and Olivia know the truth. What am I missing? I know there are more. Anyways, the Claudia secret SHOULD come out and most likely will be the catalyst for her exit.

Kate fans… I’m wondering if her recent increased screen time should cause some worry. It’s not untypical of GH to use an actor more than usual right before they exit. That is my HUNCH based on past practices. I like Megan Ward; she’s been great with Kate’s over the top and completely out of character antics. Where does Kate’s story go from here? Does she blow the top off of Olivia’s secret and then head back to NYC? Sonny’s going to feel betrayed pretty soon and it’s coming at him from all sides. Olivia hiding his son, not to mention knowing the truth about his current wife, said current wife sitting on a major bombshell and once he learns about his latest and eldest child, the fact that Domte is an undercover cop is surely going to sting.

Is this too cliché? RUMOR has it that just as Domte gets the goods on Sonny; they learn they are father and son.

Speaking of betrayal… Sonny Corinthos’ favorite word. Nothing says betrayal like your brother bedding the love of your life. Is it betrayal or karma? Lucky nailed Sarah back in the day a character I’ve long said needs to return the canvas. Since JJ last stood in Lucky’s shoes the character has undergone a major change. We all know that regardless of the current Nikolas-Elizabeth story, the plan will be to reunite Herbst and Jackson. When JJ first hits town, I would ASSUME there will be some time for JJ to settle into who Lucky is now. I would expect to see NIZ getting outed. Lucky’s feeling of betrayal with Elizabeth and Nikolas’s guilt mixed in. RUMORS have Elizabeth realizing that Lucky is the guy for her but is it too late? Will Lucky do a little “soul searching” before heading back to Elizabeth? Will there be turmoil ahead for the new/original Lucky Spencer?

CRAZY and RANDOM RUMORS… Domte is pulled of the case. Will he be a cop no longer and turn into a renegade? Do the Cassadine’s and Spencer’s have a common enemy? Helena bends Luke’s ear. Can Alexis shed some light on the latest Cassadine drama? Luke hopes so. Carly isn’t happy that Alexis wants Michael to stay away from her daughters. Kristina is ready to go all the way and Sam is taking her little sis to get on the pill. I mentioned Sam and Jason getting busted. They’re looking into any evidence the PCPD had on Devlin that could link him to Claudia. Robin has some advice for Nikolas, forget about Elizabeth.