Hey Fronsie, Maybe Thorsten and Alicia Just Aren't That Into You?


You must love me...TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is hearing ABC just doesn't want to accept the fact that both Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew aren't staying with Pine Valley, 90210.


Never trust a major network. In its press release trumpeting which stars will be making the historic move to L.A. at the end of this year, Alicia Minshew’s name was on the statement as being on “maternity leave.” However, Suds has learned that ABC didn’t want to announce that she and Thorsten Kaye, who, as we previously reported, would not make the move, have quit the show together. A source close to Minshew states, “ABC isn’t taking no for answer! They suggested to Lish to have the baby first, then decide, like she can’t think straight. But Alicia wants out even though she plans on briefly returning to wrap up her storyline. Her husband just bought his third restaurant in New York City, and she doesn’t want to spend her baby’s first year on a plane.” And star on one of the worst shows in the history of television.

Hmm, maybe Lish should download Destiny's Child's hit 90's song "Bugaboo" as ring tone for Fronsie?

You make me wanna throw my pager out the window,

Tell MCI to cut the phone poles,

Break my lease so I can move,

'Cause you a bugaboo, a bugaboo,

I wanna put yo number on the call block,

Have AOL make my email stop,

Cause you a bugaboo,

Ya' bugging what, ya bugging who,  ya bugging me and don't you see it aint' cool.

I feel you girl, nobody likes a bugaboo!