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Jillian's B&B Spoilers

Pam: She'll have a sidekick later on this month.

Be prepared for B&B to show flashbacks of those two and their high school romance... 80's style!


Nick/Bridget: The two will have a surrogate mama named Sandy Sommers (Sarah Brown) from hell! Bridget needs to watch her back because she is out for Nick.

Stephanie: She stuns her Jackie M family with her decision. Taylor tries to support Stephanie during her illness. Later, Nick plots to show Stephanie what she means to their crew. Jackie tries to reach out to Stephanie before she get the real story from Taylor.

Jackie/Owen/Steffy: Mr. Knight lands in hot water when he tries to clarify to Nick what took place between he and the Forrester heiress. Later, Jackie shuts Owen down on his request and he in turn tells Steffy.

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Bill/Katie: The elder Logan has a showdown with Katie, who in turn stuns them with her proposal. Bill shocks her with his romantic overtures. Later, he has a face off with Ridge over Katie and FC, resulting in Dollar taking the family beach house, company and a lot more!