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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

Daniel: He calls the shots with Deacon.


Cane/Lily: The lovebirds have a renewal ceremony.

Billy/Chloe: The duo attempt to show they are over each other.

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Nick/Sharon: They have a tearful farewell to "Faith."

Victor: Traci decides to give him Colleen's heart and tells Jack to give him the news. He tells Victor about his sister's request and informs the Newman kids about Traci's decision. Everyone is all relieved and thankful for the tremendous gift Traci's giving except Billy. This latest revelation has him stunned and pissed the man that set all of Patty's misdeeds, including Colleen's death, in motion winds up getting her heart.

Jack explains the choice wasn't up to him, but Traci and he's only honoring what she wants. He then gathers up his family members to say one last goodbye to Colleen, and while he's with her alone he feels its his fault for her death.  Jack keeps thinking about his actions against Victor and their feud led up to this and has had enough. As Victor is taken back to his room, Jack watches and has a moment to reflect on Colleen living on through Victor because of her heart.

Billy/Jabot: The playboy is still reeling over the news Victor receives his beloved CC's heart. He tries to get some spiritual guidance in the chapel when Kay shows up. The two talk about the havoc Victor created, but she advises Billy his hatred of him will not turn back the hands of time with his niece. Later, he chats with Mac about how he feels and fills her in on how jaded he is with everything.

She comes up with the idea for him to ditch Jabot, which gives him food for thought. At Traci's suggestion, he plans Colleen's funeral. Afterwards, he informs Smilin' Jack he's leaving the family business. Big brother tries to pursuade him to stay, but winds offending him inadvertently. He fills Ashley in on his move hoping to get some support.

Sharon: She informs Jack and Noah about her baby's death and gets a shock of her own she finds out Ashley's named "her daughter" Faith! This revelation has her reeling and reflecting on the baby girl she could've had. Meanwhile, Jack lets her know she has to keep going and not give up on life making her more determined to be a stronger person. Nick fills Phyllis in on being Faith's dad, prompting her to visit her rival.

She thanks Sharon for pushing Nick towards she and Summer, however she's not buying it and is a bit ticked big red has the nerve to show up. It reminds Sharon all over again that when Cassie died, Phyllis stole Nick from her on the heels of her losing yet another daughter. Afterwards, she bumps into Adam at the hospital and tells him about going to find her baby's ashes. He starts to panic since they don't exist, but comes up with a plan to snag some and give them to her. When she gets them, it makes her realize this is only type of moment she'll share with her little girl.