Alamainia Hath No Fury Like Carly Manning Scorned on DAYS!


I half expect my DVR to stop working any second. I keep rewinding the blink-and-you'll-miss-it ending to Friday's Days of Our Lives over and over again. CARLY'S (Crystal Chappell) BACK BITCHES!!! And not only that, but she's a MURDERESS, and this time for real. Auntie Viv (Louise Sorel) ain't framing her by offing elderly patients at University!


Okay, okay, sure I had read the spoilers and knew Carly would kill Lawrence (Chappell's real life hubby Michael Sabatino), but nothing could have prepared me for actually seeing the once noble Katerina Von Leuschner carving the baddie like a Thanksgiving Turkey! I remember Larry being  a mofo—he raped Carly's BFF Jennifer Rose (Melissa Reeves) and "killed" Patch Johnson (Stephen Nichols)— but hell, I thought Carly's love changed him?

 I cannot wait to find out what Lawrence has done between 1993 and now to cause the striking beauty to turn him into a human shish kabob! I also have to admit I am about to make a mess in my undergarments over the very THOUGHT of Bo Brady (Peter Reckell) seeing his "princess" again for the first time in 16 years, and I am a HUGE Bo and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) fan! Dilemma, dilemma, which smoldering brunette, chronic eyebrow raiser do I root for????? 

DAYS has got to cast Sailor Man (aka Shawn Douglas), Belle and Nicky Alamain! Put them in a triangle. Since they did the rewrite making John and Larry not brothers, it's okay for Nicky to become obsessed with his boyhood rival's wife, the same way his father was obsessed with Bo's fiance.

Martha Madison is available to reprise Belle, Greg Vaughan would make a good Nicky (but an even better Shawn, although I wish DAYS would rescue Jason Cook from storyline Siberia on General Hospital!), and it would be a wet dream to see DAYS snag Tom Pelphrey as Nicky after he wraps his silly stint on As The World Turns. While they're at it, bring back Jack and Jenn's daughter Abby as a reporter investigating the Alamain murder and throw her into the quad! Two words: Marcy Rylan! DAYS would then have a hot twentysomething quartet tied to the Bo/Carly/Lawrence/Jennifer/Jack legacy. Okay, enough Saturday morning quarterbacking, this is gonna be good. Welcome back Crystal and Michael!