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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Claudia was on fire here wasn’t she?

  • Discount what Michael remembers as a figment of his imagination. Check.
  • Make your childhood with crazy Papa Z. sounds worse than getting shot in the head. Check.
  • Put a naggling seed of doubt about Jason’s intentions in the teenage boy’s head. Check.
  • Make Sonny feel guilty by sadly telling him that you’ve been having dreams about seeing Kristina run you down and kill your baby. Check.
  • Blackmail Olivia with the information about Dante. Check.

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All in a day’s work. The girl is crazy, but she’s working what she’s got.

What exactly did Michael want? When he went to Claudia’s it seemed as though he wanted to confront her, but he very quickly accepted her explanation and then tried to get Jason to back off. I’m just not clear what his motivations are and I’m not sure if that’s on purpose or not. Am I supposed to think he’s confused about what he should feel towards the person responsible for hurting him, or is the writing all jumbled?

Am I the only one who noticed that Rebecca’s hair has gotten darker? That it’s now pretty much Emily’s shade and Nikolas didn’t comment on it?

I wasn’t happy with Elizabeth and her continued lying to Lucky. Why did she and Nikolas need to meet in the first place? I guess I should be glad that she broke off the meeting via Alfred.

I understand Kristina’s attraction to Kiefer now. She’s so needy for a male figure in her life, since Sonny’s not in it, that she’s clinging to the first boy who shows her attention. I liked that she went to Sam to get protection. Although I’m glad Sam tried to talk some sense into her, I’m hoping Sam also lets Alexis know, so that Alexis isn’t in the dark about her precious daughter’s activities, like she was when Jason caught Kristina going to bars.

JaSam: What a cute scene. I’m glad she addressed the issue that she was a big mess the last time they were together because that was my biggest problem with them. Sam was always sitting on his couch crying over him every five minutes. Well, that and the fact that he’s a mob killer and I don’t like him!