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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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If you’re not watching Days of Our Lives, now is the time to tune in! Lots of things are happening this week including: EJ learning the truth about Nicole’s miscarriage; Carly begins making her way back to Salem; and Melanie has two boys fighting over her. All this and more, this week on the Preview from Denial Island (Oct 5-9).


Carly/Bo/Justin: What did you think of the two-second glimpse of Carly on Friday's episode? Killing Lawrence and then cut! Scene and show over!  This week Carly is trying to get to Salem; she needs Bo’s help to protect someone. Who is this someone? You’ll have to tune in, all will be revealed in true DAYS time and style (which is also code for, Brooke doesn’t know either). Carly tries to call both Bo and Justin from the plane, but turbulence makes this impossible. In Salem, Bo is busy being angry at Hope for leaving town with Ciara. He and Justin have a little chat about it, but the scene has been well set for a Bo/Carly/Hope love triangle, wouldn’t you say?

EJ/Nicole: We pick up where we left off last week (and again, how great was it?) Nicole tries to feed EJ more lies, but finally comes clean about miscarrying their baby. EJ doesn't take this too well, but still Nicole tries to convince him they can get past it.  Err... I don't think so Nicole.  This discussion is interrupted by Chloe, who arrives to tell them of Stefano’s collapse (more on that in a bit). EJ leaves to be with his father and Nicole follows him to the hospital, leaving Sydney with Chloe. At the hospital, EJ tells Nicole to leave DiMansion and take Sydney with her, guessing her to be Mia’s. Nicole decides to tell EJ the whole truth at this point, that Sydney is his biological child, but EJ has heard enough lies and wont listen. It’s at this point Sami shows up with Sydney. How did Sydney come to be with Sami? Chloe asked her to babysit! I know, weird, I’m sure there’s more to this than spoilers let on. What happens next? After Nicole leaves, EJ tells Sami what's happened, whilst Nicole runs straight to Brady for comfort, even though she blames him for the mess she’s in! Seeing Sami with Sydney prompts Nicole to vow that Sydney will never be Sami’s. I guess that’s the end of the friendship then?

Stefano/Kate: I’m really enjoying watching these two onscreen, there’s something about seeing Kate reined in by Stefano that makes me cackle with glee… however, this week we see Stefano collapsing under suspicious circumstances. Of course, every finger is pointed at Kate, but did she have anything to do with Stefano's illness? Maggie, Daniel and Victor certainly think so. Kate also gets a serve from Philip about marrying Stefano, and even Chloe gets to stick the boot in. Kate comes out smiling though, she’s got herself a cushy new job with DiMera Enterprises. My question is, what happened to Hearth and Home? 

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Philip/Melanie/Nathan/Stephanie: I wish they’d make up their minds what they’re doing with this quadrangle. This week we’re back on the Philip/Melanie/Nathan triangle with poor Stephanie on the outer. Maybe it pays to be the bad girl once in a while. Steph, get yourself on the Internet (boom chika wah wah). After flitting between the two girls for ages, Philip tells Daddy K he wants the chance to be with Melanie, the only girl who doesn’t want to change him. Too bad Mel’s already got a date with hottie Dr. Horton. Philip tells Nathan he better be good to her, while Steph has a heart-to-heart with everyone’s favorite agony aunt, Maggie (seriously, all they have her doing is counseling the young’uns, but I wont complain, at least she's on my screen).

In Other, Shorter Storylines

  • Brady fears for Nicole after EJ learns the (semi) truth
  • Sami applies for a job at Chez Rouge
  • Victor tells Bo that Lawrence Alamain is dead

Coming Up Next Week (Oct 12-16)

  • Carly finds Rafe on the brink of death and tries to save him (No, Carly, don’t!)
  • Chad confronts EJ and Nicole about their illegal adoption
  • Hope and Ciara return to Salem

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer:Denial Island is on twitter!  Yes, when the episodes get tough, I get twittering. Come join me!