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Cady McClain: "I’d be Happy to Come Back" to AMC

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As the World Turns'Cady McClain visited with We Love Soaps'Damon Jacobs about whether or not she'd return to All My Children after the show used pancakes to kill Dixie off.

We Love Soaps: Now the question we get a lot here at We Love Soaps is if those poisoned banana pancakes [that killed Dixie on ALL MY CHILDREN] were really poisoned, or is there any chance in your mind that perhaps they were tainted but not deadly poisoned?

Cady McClain: Well, I have to tell you those were the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever had. It’s like, “What do you mean these are killing me? They’re fabulous!” Whether or not I go back to ALL MY CHILDREN has to do with ABC and what they want to do. I’d be happy to come back, even for a guest appearance to help J.R., or fix his car, or whatever. It’s a fun group and I love what they’re doing on the show. I love the look of the show.

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