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The No. 1 Question Bobbie Eakes is Asked

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Can you guess the No. 1 question All My Children star Bobbie Eakes is asked about? Hint: It doesn't have a thing to do with Pine Valley or The Bold and the Beautiful. In an interview with We Love Soaps'Damon Jacobs, Eakes reveals the question is about... Sordid Lives.

We Love Soaps: What’s happening now with SORDID LIVES: THE SERIES [the show on which Eakes has appeared and her husband David Steen stars]?

Bobbie Eakes: SORDID LIVES is still in sort of a legal limbo unfortunately. And I tell my husband that’s probably the number one question I get all the time is how SORDID LIVES is doing. I think there is a huge huge following for it. Del Shores, the creator and producer is getting ready to make an announcement this week. We don’t know what it’s concerning but stay tuned for that.

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