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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I love the Davis girls, especially Molly, but why would they be involved in naming Jax's baby? I can fanwank that Kristina happened to be over visiting her brothers and I get that it was more of a plot point for Michael’s outburst, but still. Also, I’m not in love with the name Carly picked, so I’m hoping someone comes up with something better.


I didn’t think anyone was a worse father than Sonny, but Nikolas is clearly vying for the title. First, Spencer eats dinner alone, then Nikolas tells Alfred to send him down to have tea with Robin, which never happens because Robin leaves. Lucky shows up and pays more attention to Spencer than Nikolas does. Later, Nikolas dismisses him to bed and doesn’t bother with his bedtime routine. I was glad that Lucky pointed out to him how much of an idiot he was being.

I was seriously feeling bad for Johnny today. He tells Olivia he loves her and she says it back, but in less than 24 hours, she tells him it was a lie and that she only responds to him physically. She also said she is still in love with Sonny and then dumped him. Kudos to Brandon Barash in those scenes because I was feeling his confusion, his pain and his anger. Although I’m not a fan of the violence on this show, especially when directed at women, I loved that Johnny knew Claudia was behind the whole thing and confronted her about it.

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It was interesting that Olivia turned to Jax and I was happy that she finally remembered that she has a secret of Claudia’s, but I was annoyed that Jax stopped her from using it, claiming that it was his secret to tell. It certainly looks like things are shaping up for a “who killed Claudia” murder mystery.

The whole SaSon/Dante stuff was strange.

Sonny:  You can’t kill for me, so you’re fired.”

Jason: “Wait, he saved your son’s life, once.”

Sonny: “Ok, you’re not fired.”

The Helena/Luke/Luthan story seems oddly inserted into the rest of this. Now there’s another Cassadine running around, ready to create mayhem. I can’t wait.