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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Brandon Barash continued to bring it today. His anger at Claudia was justified and her ability to deny her part in it despite knowing how much pain she caused him, just made me hate her more than I already did.

Line of the day:

Johnny: “Olivia and I weren’t hurting anybody. She was my safe zone. The only place I could go that wasn’t filthy or corrupt. You destroyed that.”

I also loved that Dante was there to hear this, since he hasn’t been a fan of Johnny and his mother’s relationship. I hated that Claudia turned a blind eye to Johnny’s sadness and then later, alone with Dante, basically pretended that Johnny’s crazy like Anthony and that’s she afraid of him. Well actually, at this point, she should be afraid of him.

I'll mention this as well. Whenever Claudia would get near Dante, I just wanted to scream to him to run, far, far away.

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I liked that Johnny went back to Olivia, to let her know that he knew the threat was coming from Claudia. I really do hope those two stay together when the dust settles.

I liked the Jax/Olivia continuation and I had to agree with Jax when he told her that if Claudia spills the secret to Sonny, that she loses her leverage against Olivia and probably loses her relationship to Sonny. I wished Olivia would find her Bensonhurst balls and tell Claudia to do her best and let the chips fall where they may.

With the rage issues and the memories returning, why hasn’t Carly gotten Michael to see a therapist? Let him tell Lainie all of his memories.

Poor Spinelli didn’t get to enjoy his non-honeymoon! Though the Maximista talk gets a bit tedious after a while. Yes, you love her, we get it. Now do your flippin’ job!

So basically, Nikolas was in his livingroom with Lucky and then he was in Greece with the Luke clan? He didn’t even bother to change clothes for the overseas flight. Sure.

Helena’s “dying” one minute and then only drugged the next. Who were the guards working for? Helena? Nikolas? This Valentine person? And why would Valentine want revenge on the Spencers? There’s so much of this story that just doesn’t make any sense, even this early into it.