General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


So, the old Emily Quartermaine Free Clinic has been transformed into the Planned Parenthood Clinic? At first I thought they had redone the entry of the Mercy Hospital set, but the more they showed it, the more I thought it looked like Nikolas’ clinic.


Good Sam/Kristina interaction − discussing the birth control, discussing Sam’s past mistakes in that area. It was well written and very true to life. It’s just sad to me that Kristina is really only doing this to please a boy, and a stupid one at that.

The Michael/Alexis scene was well done − her finding him on the docks, his reluctance to talk to her, but being polite, her explanation of why she’s worried about her girls’ safety around him. It was well acted on both their parts. My only complaint is that he didn’t really tell Alexis that Kiefer is an idiot, just that he doesn’t like him.

I figured the Carly/Alexis scene would bother me, because I knew Carly would be in Mama Bear mode and not interested in what Alexis was telling her. Yes Alexis is being a bit heavy handed with her girls’ safety, but at the same time, Michael is a loose canon. Also, Carly brought up the fact that Kiefer had bullied Morgan, which surprised Alexis, because Carly never bothered to tell her that when it happened. Everyone dumps on Alexis for her neurotic parenting, but the poor woman never gets told anything and is working without all the facts.

I was glad to see my Scrubs (and Matt) finally. But I’m assuming this stuff with the new DA chick is going to put a crimp in the happy Scrubs family and I’m not looking forward to that. Why can’t my one and only couple be happy?

Shirtless Dante is a lovely sight for sore eyes, but are wires that obvious nowadays? Couldn’t they have put a small thing hidden in his ear or something, rather than a giant one, taped to his chest.

I liked how Dante let Olivia know that he was wearing a wire and that she shouldn’t say anything. I wish he hadn’t gone up to Claudia’s room, because I have a feeling that will end badly.

And finally, how many micro seconds did it take Sonny to high tail himself over to the Metrocourt to sniff around Olivia, once he heard that she and Johnny were done