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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Claudia, get your paws off my man Dante!! I was hoping Dante would continue to deny his identity to Claudia, but now that he’s basically confirmed it, it will be harder for her to keep it to herself. As smart as she is though, I was surprised that she hasn’t figured out that he’s an undercover cop. I was glad to see Ronnie finally use his head and send in those cops to “arrest” Dominic and get him out of that room. Now let’s see how Claudia wiggles her way out of that one with Sonny.

Patrick going out to Jake’s with Louise was one thing, but inviting her over to his place afterwards was a bit much. I know he was just picking up food and bringing it to Robin, but why invite someone you just met along for that? And why would she go? Granted, it was a plot point to have them walk in on Robin in the spacesuit, but still. And really Maxie, that’s what you picked out for Robin to stir Patrick’s passions with?!!

I loved the Alexis/Kristina scenes, but am I the only one thinking that Kristina was deliberately misunderstanding Alexis’ meaning? Everytime Alexis said something negative, K would be all “Sam and Sonny” about it. Not everything Alexis said had a double meaning and Kristina’s hard-headedness was grating on me.

Hated the Chikeezie cameo and him singing that horrible song (sorry Phil Collins!) and that JOlivia montage went on way too long. Yes, they’re star crossed lovers. We get it. Now stop making me hate them by over exposing them so much. Besides, having Johnny sing at the piano was way hotter and way more effective anyway.

Lucky catching JaSam breaking into the evidence room made me laugh. The one time Lucky does his job right and he catches Sam and Jason.

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