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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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So much is happening on Days of our Lives this week – Carly gets closer to Salem, but encounters an unconscious Rafe along the way; Bo and Hope talk, but I don't think Bo will like this conversation much; and Nicole is forced to reveal one more lie she told EJ about Sydney when Chad comes knocking on the door looking for "his" baby.  All this and more, this week on the Preview from Denial Island (Oct 12-16).


Carly/Rafe: Carly’s plane to Salem had to make an emergency landing. Luckily for Carly, she knows an old pal in the area, and he agrees to sail her up the river (yes, really) to Salem. Along the way, they find Rafe in the water. Me wonders how an unconscious Rafe, dumped in the water by Meredith the other week, hasn’t drowned by now, but ok. Omar (Carly’s friend) and his crew fish Rafe out of the water. Rafe isn’t breathing, so Carly administers mouth-to-mouth to resuscitate him. It’s a good thing she does. Otherwise, Rafe wouldn’t be alive to save her life when one of the boat crew turns out to be an Ala-minion. It’s too much effort for Rafe, he lapses back into semi-consciousness, babbling about a baby. Will he tell Carly about Sydney?

Bo/Hope/Justin: In Salem, Victor calls Bo to the Kiriakis mansion to have a little chat. He wants to know why Kate is still walking around a free woman. Bo reads between the ranting and accuses him of being jealous of Stefano. Victor changes the subject by showing Bo the paper sporting the “Lawrence Alamein is Dead” headline. Bo says he hopes Carly is alright, prompting Victor to ask why he cares. Carly/Bo fans, there are more flashbacks coming your way. At the lodge, Hope asks Justin to meet her. She wants to send Ciara to a private school to help her get over the kidnapping and needs Justin to execute the paperwork. Justin tries to urge Hope to talk to Bo herself, but she refuses. Later, Bo and Justin meet up, and Justin urges Bo to connect with Hope – so he does. During the phone call, she tells him they’re coming home, but the kicker? They won't be living with him. What will Bo do next?  And just who will Hope be living with? Justin?

EJ/Nicole/Chad/Mia: The hits just keep on coming. Kate walks up on a miserable EJ, who is reading one of Sydney’s books (the title will make you cry). She tells him he’s better off without Nicole, but he’s in no mood to hear it. Nicole returns to DiMansion with Sydney in the hopes of changing EJ’s mind about kicking them out. Alas, she’s wrong. Later, Nicole finds Mia and tells her what’s going on. Unfortunately for them, Chad overhears and figures out Nicole has his child.  He confronts Mia, who admits the truth. Chad heads straight for DiMansion where he confronts EJ. After talking with Chad, EJ figures out Sydney must be Mia’s kid. Chad wants to take “his” daughter then and there, but both EJ and Nicole refuse. There’s no proof Sydney is his daughter… yet. Chad leaves DiMansion determined to get this proof. Maybe a DNA test would help him. Oh wait, there’s another problem for Nicole! What will she do to convince Chad to let it go?

Sami: Sami’s getting more worried about Rafe. She goes to visit Grace’s grave, and prays for her baby to watch over him. Later, Roman tells her and Arianna that Meredith has disappeared. Has anyone connected the dots yet? Meredith hates Rafe, Meredith shows back up in Salem and Rafe goes missing. Hello? (Taps microphone) Is this thing on? You know what else? Sami’s feeling bad for Nicole, so she decides she wants to help her out.  It would just be soapy if Nicole and Sydney ended up living with Sami, wouldn't it?

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Brady/Melanie/Arianna: Brady is feeling terrible about the lies he told for Nicole to conceal her miscarriage. He confesses as much to Melanie, who then tells Ari. When the two come face-to-face later in the week, it becomes plainly obvious to them both that Ari is still in love with Brady. But can Brady get over Nicole?

Daniel/Chloe/Lucas: Friday’s the day you want DanLoe fans. That's the episode where Lucas and Chloe's annulment comes through. And how do Daniel and Chloe celebrate?  I'll give you one guess. Before that, your couple talks marriage and babies.  I wonder how long this bliss will last? This is soapworld after all… A funny moment occurs when Chloe sticks it to Kate about her two sons having nothing to do with her.  Don't get too cocky Chloe!

In Other, Shorter Storylines

  • Lucas calls Chloe from rehab (Yes, you will see Lucas, this is not a one-sided convo.)
  • Victor is the next person to target Chloe (It was only a matter of time really.)
  • Mia tells Will she still loves him (aww.)

Coming Up Next Week (Oct 19-23)

  • Nicole tries to seduce Chad
  • Sami starts rounding up troops to look for Rafe
  • An intimate moment between Nathan and Melanie is interrupted

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts about what you're looking forward to this week!

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