Daytime Confidential Top 20, September 2009


No. 20: Beth Ehlers - All My Children


All My Children'sBeth Ehlers returns to the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in September at No. 20 after two months off the countdown. Interest in Ehlers spiked after news, first reported by Daytime Confidential's own Jamey Giddens, that she wouldn't be a part of AMC after the move to L.A. had readers wanting to find out more.


No. 19: Tamara Braun - All My Children

Three months after last appearing on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 at No. 16, Tamara Braun returns at No. 19. The highest Braun has appeared on the DC Top 20 is at No. 3.

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No. 18: Tammin Sursok - The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless'Tammin Sursok makes her Daytime Confidential Top 20 debut at No. 18 in September. In September, her Y&R character Colleen was held hostage by psycho Mary Jane a.k.a. Patty Williams. Could the death of Colleen in October send Surok even higher on October's list?

No. 17: Eric Braeden -
The Young and the Restless


Tammin Sursok wasn't the only one helped by the culmination of Mary Jane's story. In August, Eric Braeden ranked No. 46 among the top 50 stars we track each month. In September he skyrocketed 29 spots to No. 17. This is the first time Eric Braeden has been among the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in 2009.


No. 16: Rebecca Herbst - General Hospital

General Hospital'sRebecca Herbst falls six spots from No. 10 in August to No. 16 in September. Even though Herbst slid to No. 16, it is still higher than her July ranking at No. 17. Could a reunion between her GH character Elizabeth and Jonathan Jackson's Lucky Spencer help her climb back up the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in October? Only time will tell.


No. 15: Tom Pelphrey - Guiding Light

September seems to be the month in which many stars returned to the Daytime Confidential Top 20. Like Ehlers, Braeden and Braun, Guiding Light's Tom Pelphrey returns to the DC Top 20 at No. 15. The last time he appeared on the DC Top 20 was in October of 2008, at No. 10.


No. 14: Kelly Monaco - General Hospital

Like her General Hospital co-star Rebecca Herbst, Kelly Monaco lost ground on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in September. She fell five spots from No. 9 in August to No. 15 in September.


No. 13: Victoria Rowell - The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless'
Victoria Rowell drops two spots from No. 11 in August to No. 13 in September. The two-time Daytime Confidential Top 20 No. 1 ranked star continues to be one of the industries most popular former stars with Daytime Confidential readers.

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No. 12: Gina Tognoni - Guiding Light

Guiding Light's Gina Tognonimoves up one spot from No. 11 in August to No. 12 in September on the Daytime Confidential Top 20. The rise in her ranking could have been helped by news that Gina Tognoni is returning to One Life to Live as Kelly Cramer.


No. 11: Arianne Zucker - Days of Our Lives

The world is crumbling around Arianne Zucker'sDays of Our Lives character Nicole DiMera and apparently her predicament helped Zucker return to the Daytime Confidential Top 20 at No. 11. This is the highest any DAYS star has appeared on the DC Top 20 since Zucker appeared at No. 11 in June.


No. 10: Jessica Leccia - Guiding Light

Guiding Light's Jessica Leccia falls three spots from No. 7 in August to No. 10 in September. This is the lowest Leccia has appeared on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 since she fell off the countdown to No. 26 in March of 2009.


No. 9: Steve Burton - General Hospital

Steve Burton is the third General Hospital star to lose ground on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in September. He fell to No. 9 in September from No. 4 in August.

No. 8: Thorsten Kaye -
All My Children


News that All My Children's Thorsten Kaye won't be moving to L.A. helped him jump 19 spots to No. 8 from his August ranking at No. 27. As his time on AMC draws to a close, will he climb or fall down the DC Top 20?


No. 7: Maura West - As the World Turns

Maura West is the As the World Turns star that could. A No. 7 Daytime Confidential Top 20 ranking is the highest any ATWT star has ever achieved. Will she rise or fall on the DC Top 20 after returning to the show?


No. 6: Melody Thomas Scott - The Young and the Restless

After dethroning Crystal Chappell from her No. 1 ranking in August and becoming the fourth The Young and the Restless star to achieve a No. 1 ranking, Melody Thomas Scott fell five spots to No. 6. Since we began tracking daytime's biggest stars, Y&R has held the No. 1 spot five times, GL and AMC have reached the top four times each, while GH and Sunset Beach stars have each held the spot once.


No. 5: Marcy Rylan - Guiding Light

Marcy Rylan
edges up three spots from No. 8 in August to No. 5 in September on the Daytime Confidential Top 20. This is a personal best for Rylan on the DC Top 20.


No. 4: Christel Khalil - The Young and the Restless

The Young and the Restless'Christel Khalil slips one spot on the Daytime Confidential Top 20 in September from No. 3 in August. Khalil has been in the DC Top 5 every month since April.

No. 3: Kim Zimmer -
Guiding Light


Kim Zimmer is shaking up things on the Daytime Confidential Top 20. The Guiding Light actress leapfrogged from No. 16 in August to No. 3 in September. Now that GL has ended its historic run will its biggest star be able to stay in the DC Top 20?

No. 2: Alicia Minshew -
All My Children


Two-time DC Top 20 No. 1 Alicia Minshew is back in the competition for No. 1. The All My Children actress climbed three spots from No. 5 in August. Can Minshew return to No. 1 in October?


No. 1: Crystal Chappell - Guiding Light

Melody Thomas Scott may have knocked Crystal Chappell off her perch at No. 1 in August, but she wasn't able to hold onto the spot for a second month in a row. Crystal Chappell returns to the No. 1 spot for the fourth time. Beginning in October, Chappell's rankings will be attributed to Days of Our Lives, since she appears on the NBC soap.

Daytime Confidential Top 50

Guiding Light'sGrant Aleksander just missed out on the Daytime Confidential Top 20, coming in at No. 21. One Life to Live'sScott Evans earned a No. 26 ranking. As the World Turns' Austin Peckappeared at No. 29. The Young and the Restless'Elizabeth Hendrickson held down the No. 34 spot. Days of Our LivesFrances Reid was dunkin' doughnuts at No. 39. All My Children's Chrishell Stause slipped into the DC Top 50 at No. 47. Caitlin Van Zandt, who has appeared as high as No. 2, rounded out the DC Top 50 at No. 50.

The Daytime Confidential Top 20 is published each month based on the interests of Daytime Confidential readers. Each actor's ranking is based on the total number of unique visits to their news page. A link to each actor's news page usually appears as a tag in content published about that actor.