One Life to Live Spoilers


Here are some hot scoops for a hot soap. Today, it was revealed that Blair lost her memory after her fall through the window. What's next?


Tea/Todd/Blair/Ross: Tea surely hopes Blair never remembers their arguement, but can she remain silent when the questions come? The bigger question is how Todd will take the news when he finds out that he has a child with Tea, especially when he doesn't think she's fit to raise his current brood. Will it make them or break them as a couple? Ross, on the other hand, thinks he's the father and starts searching for the child. He thinks the answer lies in the briefcase he was caught stealing on today's episode. The briefcase becomes a topic of intrigue this week as Ross' attorney Eli tries to get his hands on it. Tea realizes it's missing from the house and tries to retrieve it from the police station. Later, she becomes aware that Eli wants it when he tries to gain access to her hotel room.

Natalie/Jared/John: Natalie stands by Jared as evidence piles up against him. She enlists Marty's help in getting John off Jared's back. After his release from jail, Jared confesses to Natalie that he knew Wayne Landers. He knows more, but is warned off after receiving a text message. Madame Delphina tells Jessica that Nash is trying to warn her that she is still in danger. Brody tells Jessica and Bree to move in with him for the time being. They find a surprise in Jessica's closet while they are packing. When Jared is instructed to go to the Buchanan Lodge, Natalie follows.

Bo/Nora/Matthew: Bo and Nora cannot stay out of Matthew's way. Today they were questioning Greg about his surgical skills versus the surgeon he wanted as a replacement. They may appear supportive, but they are not. Matthew thinks he is going to fly to Seattle, but his parents dupe him into boarding a plane to London. He's furious when he finds out.

Gigi/Rex/Stacy/Schuyler: Rex feels insecure about Gigi and Schuyler and Stacy does what she does best to fuel that fire. Schuyler, meanwhile refuses any involvment with Kim and Stacy's scheme.

Elsewhere in Llanview:

  • Guess who comes out of his coma? Yeah, it's Shaun. Greg and Rachel are about to do the deed when they get the phone call.
  • Amelia and Nick try to persuade Oliver to see things their way when it comes to Amelia's engagment to Dorian. They clearly think they are justified in their cause.