General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Who knew that Carly going into early labor would be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while? First there was Johnny, shocked, yet remarkably calm, though slightly drunk, when she started having contractions. And then Coleman showing up with his baseball bat and screaming at 911 operators. Then Jax finally showed up at the hospital asking “why are Coleman and Johnny helping you in labor” and both of them started stumbling over their words to explain themselves. It gave me quite a chuckle.

Funny line of the day:

Johnny: “Women used to have babies in fields. They’d just lie down and have them.”

Carly: “I am NOT having this baby in a field.”

I love Molly, but her constant questioning of JaSam and Jason’s motives are getting a little tiresome. I guess it’s sweet that she’s looking out for Sam, but she’s 10 and even as literary as she is, it’s getting tedious. Also, why tell Alexis that she saw JaSam having sex when they were barely kissing?

Speaking of Alexis, it’s very hard to defend her when she gets as hypocritical as she did today. Calling Sam out on dating a mobster, when she herself dated Jerry. That’s a bit much.

The Sonny/Dante conversation seemed strange at first, with Sonny telling Dante that he doesn’t want to make a baby with Claudia, but then I realized it served its purpose in getting Dante to realize why Claudia wanted him so badly right now.

I also liked that Jason bought a clue and went to rattle Claudia’s cage with the pretend information that Devlin taped their conversations.

And last but not least, the Luke story is as tedious in town as it was out of town. He was taken by Helena months ago. The kids only recently figure this out , find him instantly,  release him immediately and he’s back in town like nothing happened. There's no sign of Helena, or of Nikolas, who went all the way to Greece to release him. And we’re back to conflict between him and Tracy, like 3 months hasn’t gone by. Whatever.