Chuck Pratt On Rebecca Budig "She's My Favorite"


Everyone's favorite Pine Valley wrecker Charles Pratt, Jr. gave Soap Opera Digest a few lovely statements about the return of 'his girl' Rebecca Budig in the role of Greenlee Smythe.


Oddly enough, I always thought, regardless of the move, and regardless of who we're losing and who we're getting, from the minute we lost her and she was coming to L.A. I kept thinking, 'we're going to get her back. It's going to take about a year.' Luckily, I laid in the story and had it in my mind this whole time"

She's always been my favorite"

So where exactly does one start with those comments?

For me, two things immediately come to mind. The first, why is this man still writing this show? If Rebecca and the character of Greenlee are his favorites, and have 'always' been, then what do you call the whole last stint? If he does that to his favorites, I hate to think of what he does to the people he doesn't like. Oh wait, we saw what he does. He makes them do a dance marathon for two weeks, if they are lucky.

The second thing that comes to mind for me is WHY is this man allowed to give interviews? I enjoy Rebecca and the character of Greenlee, but when you are losing iconic actors and characters left and right, I don't get making Greenlee seem as if she is the second coming of All My Children.  It is setting up not only her return, but also the show, for an utter failure.

And let's not even get started on the part about having a 'long story' planned out since she left. Maybe that explains why the 'Who Shot Adam' story has been all over the place. Pratt has been plotting out the return of Greenlee.

So am I crazy? Should i just sit back and relax and wait for the Greenlee to rise out of the tomb and save All My Children from its utter demise, or am i just crazy enough to be right?