Days' Casey Deidrick Blogs for NBC


Casey Deidrick is learning first hand about the rigors of acting in a daily soap opera and he is sharing it with the blogosphere. NBC is hosting "Casey's Corner" on their Days of our Lives website, where fans can get a glimpse of Casey and his alter ego Chad Peterson. Read more after the jump.


In his latest entry, Casey refers to a recent marathon of tapings as "Hell Week" because:

The week prior, I taped six episodes, and the week prior to that, I taped five episodes. Not just because my scenes had a lot of dialogue, but also because they were emotionally demanding and required a lot of focus to put a character in the shoes of a teen father. You see, Chad finally finds out about the baby... yes I know, I know.... it's been long overdue, but soon you'll get to see Chad's true colors after finding out Mia's secret.  

He also talks about attending the Emmys with his girlfriend and castmate Molly Burnett (Melanie). Read more entries and see some great photos HERE.