Eric Braeden: "No One Scares Me"

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TV Guide Canada'sNelson Branco visits with The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden about his recent exit from the show.


TVG: What did your family think?

EB: Well, this is a tough business. They understand how this business works. We have seen people come and go. I’ve been acting since 1962, so we’ve seen a lot of things. It’s a rough business. They were trying to intimidate me — and no one scares me. Sorry, but you don’t do that to me. They tried to intimidate me with the storyline. They tried to intimidate me by leaking and implying that they wanted to recast my part or create a Victor clone with this super-millionaire Tucker role. Talk about blatant! Let me clarify that most of this “news” was leaked long before I even knew that Sony was planning to renegotiate my contract. As far as I was concerned, my contract wasn’t even up for another year. So when news of a potential recast came out, well, it’s clear that this leak could have only come from the inside.

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