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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I don’t know if it’s the writing or the acting, but I am loving Dante’s storyline. I love his relationship with his mother and the ease between the two actors. I loved when he went off on Olivia about cops failing and mobsters getting away with stuff and how he wants to avenge the man who was his father figure. Fantastic acting on DI’s part. I also loved that he confided in Lulu about Claudia’s intentions and loved that she told him to run, which is what I’ve been saying all along. This is one of those stories that I’m invested in and can’t wait to see more of tomorrow.

Alexis/Sam: I felt bad for Sam, but in a weird way, I understood where Alexis was coming from. She’s the boring, strict, my way, Mom, and Sam is the understanding, non-judgemental, fun sister. Clearly, Alexis is jealous of the relationship that Sam has with her sisters. While I get that that is wrong, I know that because of her bad childhood, with no parents to really love her, that she wants her daughters’ love above everything else, and she fears she’s losing it to Sam. I’m not justifying it. I’m just saying I understand it.

And for the JaSam fans, the line of the day:

Sam: “My mother hates me, and it really hurts my feelings”

Kudos to Kelly on that one, because I teared up at that.

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So basically, Kristina got the birth control and the condoms. So what exactly did Kiefer bring to the party, other than his asshatedness? I felt bad for Kristina when Kiefer up and left, although, in a way, it’s almost a good thing that her first time was so horrible. Maybe she’ll realize that Kiefer isn’t all that, despite being a senior and giving her the time of day, which apparently were her only criteria for sleeping with him. Those lessons are brutal, but sometimes necessary.

Loved the Michael/Kristina scene and how sweet and gentle he was with her.

I really, really, really wanted the CarJax baby to be born today (perfectly healthy of course). It just feels like the longest pregnancy ever. (Which it isn’t. That was Robin’s which somehow lasted 10 months!!)

Johnny/Claudia: When Johnny first showed up and said that by watching Carly’s false labour, he now understood what Claudia had gone through, I thought he was now removing himself from the future “who killed Claudia” list. But then she got all weird and icky and I think he’s right back on it.

Weird line of the day

Claudia: “You didn’t love Olivia. You love me and I love you. That’s the way it’s always been and always will be.”