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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

Billy/Phyllis: He pitches Big Red an offer to buy Restless Style after he hears her talking to Chloe about possibly quitting the magazine. Billy goes to Smilin' Jack for cash to buy the magazine but gets the shaft. Later, he tells Ashley about his opportunity and she gives him the money.


Ashley/Nikki: Sharon stops by to give Faith a gift, and she and Ashley have an uncomfortable encounter, since Sharon's still dealing with "her baby's death." Later, Ashley tells Victor she wants to have Newman ranch as part of their divorce settlement.

When Nikki gets wind of this, she is not too thrilled with the idea. The rivals get into a showdown over the ranch. Ashley tells Nikki she wants her daughters to grow up the same way their elder siblings did - on the ranch. Meanwhile, Victor talks to Michael about his divorce and makes a choice.

JT/Victoria: He tells her about an opportunity out of town. This is to lead both Thad and Amelia off canvas, due to the birth of their daughter. When they return, expect their alter egos to be thrown together with Deacon.

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Cane/Lily: The two will consummate their relationship after becoming closer. Look for them to start planning for their future as their love continues to grow.

Billy/Mac: When he buys Restless Style, he uses it to go after Victor with a story. Mac is against what Billy's doing and it puts the two lovers at odds. He then writes a story on Victoria for the magazine's site, causing his relationship to suffer. It makes both Billy and Mac question if they are still compatible and wonder if their relationship can be salvaged.

Chance/Chloe: While trying to stop a robbery, Chance gets stabbed. When Chloe gets word, she rushes to be by his side and it becomes clear she has real feelings for him. Nina starts to realize the depths of the fashionista's feelings for Chance.

Adam/Sharon/Nick: Watch for Adam to get closer to his big bro's ex-wife. He and Sharon share mutual things, like the sins of their past. Adam opens up about his relationship with Rafe, causing Sharon to reveal things about herself to him. Nick is not thrilled about these two being friends and Adam uses this to his benefit. It's clear Nick is not over Sharon.

Nick/Adam: Victor makes the brothers work at Newman, which creates hell at the office. Nick has Adam perform grunt work to force him out. At the same time, Adam sets out to push his buttons in order to see when he will snap.