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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I loved everything Helena today. Personally, I think a little Helena goes a long way, but for me, today, she was hitting all the right buttons. See, get her out of Luke’s orbit and she’s worth watching. Loved the snark she was shooting at Lucky and then Rebecca. Loved the interaction with Alexis. And loved that in two seconds she got Liz’s number and knew what LizNik were up to. Welcome back Constance Towers.

Funny line of the day #1:

Alexis to Helena:
“Oh my God, you look awful. That makes me so happy.”


Funny line #2:

Helena to Alexis:
“You should be careful. You have a good deal to lose and a couple of pounds wouldn’t hurt.”

So I’m supposed to believe that after a year and a half, no one has rented out Devlin’s old apartment? And JaSam believe that they’ll find the recordings there after all this time? Sure. Contrivance much?

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Not that I care, but since both Ethan and Luke were “working” at the Haunted Star, are we to assume that Tracy has reinstated them? Or did I miss something when I zoned out on their storyline?

Despite my deep hatred for him, I thought it was sweet that Sonny went to see Carly in the hospital. aAlso, as ruthless as Jax is being about making sure Sonny gets caught by Dante, I’m actually looking forward to what will happen when the poop hits the fan. Not looking forward to a CarJax break up, but I like seeing Jax going gangbusters against Sonny.

I like Olivia, but even I’m tired of seeing her every freakin’ day, having the exact same conversation with Dante and Ronnie, even though Dante was still bringing it. Granted, I was ok with her scene with Jax, because he did overstep his bounds and she had every right to call him out. But let’s give her a small vacation.

Line of the day:

Dante to Olivia:
“I know Sonny’s an old friend and he has kids, but he knew all that stuff and still chose to do what he did”

So, am I to assume that this guy that Anthony hired will turn out to be Claudia’s killer, since she’ll likely get caught in the crossfire, which will then save us from a ‘who killed Claudia’ party? Cuz I’m okay with that, if that’s how it goes down.