General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Welcome back Diane!! Good of them to finally give us a Maxane explanation, a month after the fact. So, she’s been away at work and he’s hooked up with Louisa and apparently has no injuries from the accident. Good to know.


Call me crazy, but I really wanted Alexis to accept Diane’s offer to work with her. I think they’d be a hoot together, although I understood Alexis’ fear that she would get sucked back into the Sonny vortex.

What exactly was the point of the solicitation arrest? The whole thing made no sense. When Diane asked Alexis to work with her, I thought that’s what the arrest would have been about, for Alexis to be Jason’s lawyer, and all the angst of mother versus daughter and boyfriend. But no, Spixie posts bail and the two head back to the motel and immediately find a piece of paper to solve their case. Ok.

Loved that Johnny told Olivia that he was only playing Claudia. Loved that Olivia called out Claudia on her icky relationship with Johnny.

Line of the day:

Olivia to Claudia:
“Johnny has needs that you can’t fulfill.”

As much as I’m a fan of Liz, I don’t like what she’s doing to Lucky, so I’m enjoying Helena messing with her head. And don’t get me started on the fact that she met Nikolas at the studio. The girl is always claiming to be in debt, yet she still has the studio, which she’s probably paying rent on.

I loved Dante turning Claudia down and her realization that he’d rather be exposed to Sonny than sleep with her.

I liked the cliffhanger ending with both Helena possibly telling Lucky about LizNik and Olivia possibly telling Sonny about Claudia. Here’s hoping that both actually happen and that they aren’t false hopes.