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Flashback: DAYS' Vivian In Full Flight

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Well we all know it's official, Louise Sorel is returning to Days of Our Lives to play the naughty but nice Vivian Alamain. It's been a wee bit too long since we saw her last in Salem. She has been responsible for some harsh activity in town, including, but not limited to: burying Carly Manning alive, parading around under another identity and just plain stealing men from right underneath her enemies' noses. In this flashback video, we see the year 1995, when Vivian was doing her best to attract the Greek boss Victor Kiriakis. It seems whatever Vivian wanted, Vivian got and there was nothing that was going to stand in her way – not even the wealthy Kate Roberts. 

In this video, we see Vivian spike the drink that ends up going down the throat of the pilot of the plane on which Kate is flying. The leadup to the plane crash is Vivian at her best, not to mention her right-hand butler, Ivan. These two were a barrel of laughs together, but at the same time notorious for causing such chaos in the town of Salem. With Vivian on her way back, the question we ask is what role will she be playing? Will Vivian have a front burner storyline surrounding the "death" of Lawrence Alamain, or will Days put one of their best comical bitches head to head with the woman she has great rivalry with – Kate? The possibilities are large, and the amount and calibre of male hormones in Salem in 2009 are plentyful. I just wonder where Vivian will rest her "embryo" now. Hopefully Daniel is tied up in surgery, as he seems to be getting a feel for all things womanly lately. Then again, Aunty Viv might teach the Doc a thing or two.

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