Jillian's B&B Spoilers

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He takes a trip down memory lane with his relationship with Donna.


Owen: Jackie crushes his dreams of having a family with her idea.

Beth: The Logan girls get a bird's eye view of the seriousness of Beth's condition.

Bridget: She finds out the dangers of having a child.

Bill/Ridge: The men go to war over Katie's strained relationship with her family.

Bill: He orders a photo shoot based on the Royalty campaign, focused around the new leader of Forrester.

Katie: She appoints a new vice president and president of Forrester Creations as her first order of business as CEO.

Brooke: She has a proposition for Bill.

Ridge: He's not too excited about a task his boss doles out.

Look for a funny scene when she reports to her the first day of her new job.