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Tamara Tunie's World Turns on Yoga and Sunday Football

The New York Times gave us a glimpse into Tamara Tunie's Sunday world when she sat down with Robin Finn and talked football. Most of us start the day with a steaming cup of coffee, but not Tunie. Avoiding caffeine, she whips up a yogurt smoothie and jumps head first into the Sunday paper. She first popped up on our screens in 1986 as Jessica Griffin, one of As the World Turns' most intelligent and dynamic district attorneys. She made her move to primetime and secured a role as Dr. Melinda Warner, a medical examiner on Law & Order: SVU and is now in her 10th season there.

If you think Sundays are lazy days in her household, think again. It's not all about sitting around watching football games, although that is a big part of Tunie's life,


At 1 I’m at the Bikram yoga studio in the neighborhood. There we sweat and stretch and focus for 90 minutes. Bikram, for those who don’t know yoga, is also called the hot yoga — because the room temperature is over 100 degrees.

Then it's back home for some good old-fashioned American football,

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I’m a rabid Steelers fan: I’m originally from Pittsburgh. So if the Giants or Pittsburgh are playing, the rest of Sunday is all about food and football. We have a TV in the kitchen. Around 7, we adjourn to the den on the third floor, maybe do a little “60 Minutes,” and then we’re into night football. With some nachos or sticky wings and a salad.

Sundays give her and husband Gregory Generet, a jazz vocalist, a chance to catch up and spend some time together. After the games, the couple catches up on all their favorite television shows. 

Thanks to Oliver Haskins for the tip!

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