Flashback: Kayla Says Goodbye To Salem


You're fourteen, male and have just openly wept in front of your mother during the middle of the day at the end of a daytime soap opera. You have witnessed sad occasions on your favorite soap before, for example the death of Hope Williams Brady, Isabella's cancer and Bo's touching eulogy at Hope's funeral, but nothing even comes close to what you have just witnessed on your show, Days of Our Lives. You get up from the couch a touch embarrassed, but see that your mother has been crying just as much. How does one become overcome with such grief? You have grown up with Kayla Brady Johnson and all her trials and tribulations with Steven Earl Johnson in Salem. This time she is saying goodbye and doesn't know "if and when" she'll be back...

Without a shadow of a doubt, these are by far Days of Our Lives' best written goodbye scenes. The direction, lighting, writing and production of the two scenes in this flashback video are the ultimate. Many, many soaps, daytime and primetime, tend to lose a lot of the "goodbye" feel when writing out characters. They either forget to have that one last scene with a loved one, or to pay their graveside respects to a character they have shared so much screen time with. All actors in the industry deserve a proper send off and in this instance, Days of Our Lives delivered. Kayla looked stunning. She sported a new hairstyle and a pretty yellow outfit. The gravesite where Steve "Patch" Johnson was buried was blossoming and green, while the show's music was right on cue. The way she looked up to the sky, indicating her connection to Steve in heaven, the way she touched the grave and the moment when she laid the flowers was one huge bundle of superb. The defining moment was when she got up, walked, stopped and turned around for one last look. Brilliant. Cut to the final scene of the show where we are taken to the Brady mantelpiece, panning through a historical look at the old Brady photographs. Then start up Linda Ronstadt's "Goodbye My Friend", followed by a series of Steve and Kayla flashbacks.

I challenge all the Daytime Confidential fans who love Days of Our Lives with every ounce of their heart to tell me that there was a better scene than this one. Was there? A lot came close, but this one takes it. WARNING: Continuous playback may lead to depression. Watch with caution (and with plenty of tissues). Where's my box? Thank God I'm 30.