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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I hate it when my hopes are shattered!! Both cliffhanger scenes from Friday (Olivia/Sonny and Lucky/Helena) turned into nothing.

I know Helena loves to torment Lucky, but why bother saying anything if she wasn’t even going to tell him it was about Liz?

As for Olivia, why she can’t just spit something out, I will never know.

It's interesting that Tracy is all up in Helena’s face and believes the story Luke told her, when the last time we saw them, she was upset and had hired the look alikes. Does anyone remember why Helena grabbed Luke in the first place? Wasn’t it about Rebecca? Shouldn’t that come up at some point now?

Good LizNik convo. I'm glad she realized that she can’t continue to lie to Lucky and marry him, but at the same time, can’t have anything with his brother. And I’m eternally grateful that they didn’t follow that up with studio nookie. Now, if she can follow through when she gets home, I’ll be happy.

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I loved that Dante called Claudia’s bluff and it worked. Of course she wasn’t going to expose his secret, since that would hurt her relationship with Sonny and drive Olivia back into Johnny’s arms. Color me surprised that she actually finally admitted to Sonny that she wasn’t pregnant.

Loved the flirty Dante/Lulu scene, but what exactly was the meaning of the graffiti that Dante saw?

Loved (and I mean this one sarcastically) how quickly JaSam found the duffel bag of money. “Oh look , a vent, let’s open it. Why, there is what we’ve been looking for. What a lucky break.” I’m just shocked the tape recording wasn’t sitting right on top.

I still love crazy Anthony – first, his questions to Olivia, who stood up to the old man, and then his impatience with Johnny. Bruce Weitz is brilliant. They should hook up Anthony and Helena and watch the sparks fly!!