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Greg Vaughan Says Firing Was "A Bit Of A Shock"

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Greg Vaughan spoke with On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairman on the heels of his firing from General Hospital, and reveals how he got the pink slip.  

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So how did you find out the final nail in your version of Lucky’s coffin?


It was a bit of shock and there was a call that was made. I went in knowing one of three things; A) I was going to be fired, B) I was going to be put on recurring, C) There was a story coming. But usually your executive does not call you with a story, that is usually done by your head writer, and that only happened once to me in seven years. So I sort of prepared myself going in to it and going in just at ease and peace. It’s not what you want to hear, but if you go in knowing you are a little bit more reserved, and that was my approach. 

Vaughan also shares his take on knowing GH would eventually drop the hammer on him.


Did you have any inkling in your gut that this might happen?


There was a guy who was coming on the show who is recurring, and he is there now and he said, “How are things going?” And I said, “You know what? I think my days are numbered.” And he said, “No. You’re Lucky Spencer!” I said, “You know what? I know how this system works,

and I know how this show works. I have been here long enough.” It's not that I wanted it to happen, but sometimes things happen for the right reasons. Doors close and others open. Look, I could have been there for a long time. It was a comfort and a great family. I love the people I was with and they were my second family. If you don’t invest in your product then you don’t get a good return, and I was dispensable!

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