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Tika Sumpter Says Fish Coming Out Was "A Brilliant Story"

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One Life To Live' showstopper Tika Sumpter talks with Michael Fairman about her character's discovery that ex-boyfriend/roommate Oliver's (Scott Evans) was gay with

I thought it was a brilliant story. I felt like we built our relationship in a way that people would believe that Layla did not know Fish was gay. I did not want to play dumb. I think she did not want to believe it, even if all the signs were there. I think she believed she fell in love with a really good guy who treated her well. She has never had a successful relationship, and she finally found a guy who she wanted to be with and who wanted to be with her, or so she thought. I was happy for Scott Evans [Fish], and I loved working with him. I knew it would reach a lot of people, so it was worth all the tears Layla and I had to shed.

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