RUMOR REPORT: Is Y&R's Melody Thomas Scott in Contract Drama AGAIN?

Just received a tip that those spoilerazzis over at Daytime Royalty are abuzz with rumors about The Young and the Restless leading lady Melody Thomas Scottonce again being in rather salty contract talks with Sony. Guess what, we've been hearing the exact same thing!


Reportedly, Scott was allowed to save face in the press by making it seem like she re-signed "on her own terms" during her last round of talks, but chatter is Scott was only given a short term deal to coincide with the end of Eric Braeden's contract cycle. Last June, TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco reported that Scott was being written out. Later the actress revealed to TV Guide Magazine's Michael Logan she had re-signed.

"Melody is willing to take the substantial pay cut Sony wants her to take, but she wants a contract," says a source.

Sony, however, reportedly wants the actress to take recurring or nothing else. Could we soon be seeing the last of Victor and Nikki?

"Sony was paying close attention to what happened at Days of Our Lives when Deidre [Hall] and Drake [Hogestyn] were let go," says an industry insider. "Not only didn't the show tank, DAYS has actually gained viewers. They could care less about angry fans online."

This ish gets crazier by the minute...

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