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Doug Davidson Talks Paul Williams


We Love Soaps'Roger Newcomb spoke with The Young and the Restless star Doug Davidson about Paul's arrival in Genoa City, Nikki and Lauren. Look for more parts of the interview in the coming days.


We Love Soaps: My favorite memories from Paul's first decade on the show are with Lauren. Paul and Lauren are one of my favorite soap couples. I may be stuck in the '80s but I still want them together to this day!

Doug Davidson: She was my first non-drama fling, if you go past Nikki. The next romance was with April and an unwanted pregnancy. Bill brought in my family and the show went to an hour and that was a huge transition for my character. Bill told me at a party that he [put Paul and Lauren together] at the spur of the moment and wanted to see what happened. That was the great thing about Bill, aspects of him were so spontaneous. He would come in with little scraps of paper. I don't think YOUNG AND THE RESLTESS was really far from his mind. It was a 24/7 occupation for him. I had visions of him watching the kids unwrap presents on Christmas morning and writing notes with his red flair pen.

Watch a Doug Davidson flashback montage after the jump.

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