"Elizabeth's First Love is Back" on GH


Jonathan Jackson returns to General Hospital on October 27 and ABC has released a promo. I'm looking forward to Jackson's return, but I'm a bit confused. I was under the impression Lucky Spencer had been in Port Charles for some years now. The promo says that "Elizabeth's first love is back."


Does that mean Lucky doesn't have a prescription for treating the case of crotch crickets he caught in Sam's hot tub? Does this Lucky know Jake is Jason's son? Is Lucky still a recovering drug addict? Does this mean Lucky isn't the Barney Fife of the PCPD? Will Jackson's Lucky remember the affair with Maxie? And why would Lucky ask if Elizabeth remembered him? How exactly does one forget their first love?

An actor is not the first love of a character, the character is. Instead of using "first love" or "the real" to describe actors returning as characters why don't these PR departments just keep it simple? Soaps have to promote the returns of big name stars. It would be stupid if they didn't, but there is no need to promote the return of one actor by pissing off the fans of another.