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Lynn Herring: "Daytime is a Lot Classier Than People Think"

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Soap vixen Lynn Herring dished with On Air On Soaps' Michael Fairman about her thoughts of the status of daytime and former alma mater, General Hospital.

MICHAEL:So while you were finishing your run on As the World Turns, sadly, Guiding Light concluded. I was wondering what your feelings were, stepping back in to this genre at this very tumultuous time? What was that like for you?

LYNN: I had lunch with Jane Eliot (Tracy, GH) and we discussed how the audience was so articulate about Guiding Light and how much they loved the show and were so sad when it ended, and that on GH, Mafia and bad violence has turned people away. The networks don’t get that our viewers are so intuitive and smart. Even GH people, who had never watched GL and are faithful to their show, understood what it meant to lose a show like that. Daytime is a lot classier than people think, and it hurt to be back on daytime and see what has happened in the genre. I love this genre!

Herring also sounds off on pal Stuart Damongetting the shaft on GH and TheYoung and the Restless' treatment of its veteran actors.

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MICHAEL:I could not stand it on GH when they made Alan Quartermaine a ghost! Why even kill him off?


There is no reason to do it. You leave them on and they don’t have to work all the time, but you give the character dignity and respect, and that is all. Stuart was devastated being off GH. Truthfully, Y&R does it best with utilizing their veteran actors with Jeanne Cooper (Katherine) and that group, which kept their whole situation viable.

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