Days of our Lives to be Renewed Soon?

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Could Days of our Lives be renewed soon? That's what TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco is hearing.


Multiple network sources hint to The Suds Report that the comeback soap of the decade, DAYS, will more than likely be renewed very soon. All without the help of the late, great James E. Reilly, too! NBC’s lone soap had a guarantee to air until September 2011 — if certain parameters had been met. An insider reports, “We’re all impressed with how DAYS has pulled themselves up by their bootstraps. Ratings are up, and continue to grow each week, their publicity is extremely positive, Crystal Chappell’s return has brought international attention to our show and buzz we couldn’t pay for, and most importantly, costs are down. Thanks to Jay Leno, the majority of our prime-time schedule is in shambles, so we’re all pleasantly surprised that at least one of our shows is doing well — and on daytime, to boot!