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Jackie Zeman on Douglas Marland, Bobbie Spencer and More

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General Hospital'sJackie Zeman visits with We Love Soaps'Damon Jacobs about dancing, The Edge of Night, her stint on One Life to Live, Douglas Marland creating the character of Bobbie Spencer and being a part of General Hospital during the height of its popularity.


We Love Soaps: Bobbie was a nurse, but she was also a teenage prostitute. And there always seemed to be a dichotomy there. Even between her caring side versus her self-serving side. When you first took on the role of Bobbie, did they tell you her backstory?

Jacklyn Zeman: There was no mention of that. Doug Marland was the writer who created Bobbie. He was such an icon, such an amazing writer. The fact that the characters he created are still alive and living today is a testament to his ability to create something that was really interesting to the audience. So no, they didn’t tell me that. I never even asked him. But then Gloria Monty came on and was producing the show. Gloria was really good at taking adventure storylines and putting romance into them. She, over the years, did some stories that were pretty controversial in their day.

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